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PCE is a full service independent production and development company which is engaged in the business of producing, developing and distributing quality low-budget feature films. PCE intends to develop, produce and distribute quality main stream feature films, in addition to Urban Films in the range of four to six films annually with at least two major feature films to include a star studded cast and performers. PCE also intends to produce several television programs for cable television.

PCE’s scope of film development is aimed at producing quality feature films with a budget which ranges between Three to Ten Million Dollars ($3,000,000 to $10,000,000). The film industry has demonstrated time and time again that quality low budget films in this range have the ability to produce substantial box office revenues. The only exception to this formula will be the production and development of projects which will include a cast of stars to compliment such notable films like Chris Tucker, Ed Norton, Denzel Washington. The estimated budgets for these major film productions will range from Ten to Eighteen Million Dollars ($10,000,000 to $18,000,000).

PCE intends to develop and manage each aspect of its feature film development, while employing the top talent within the industry to assist it with each production component. PCE will maximize the financial returns for each of its feature films by fully developing and managing the following principal areas of film production:

  • Script and Story development
  • Film Production
  • Financing (including product placement)
  • Musical Sound Tracks
  • Film Distribution
  • Licensing & Merchandising (characters & trademarks)

PCE has harnessed a cadre of top professional staff which includes writers, producers, directors, casting agents as well as musicians and musical producers who are imminently capable and qualified in producing and developing feature films and television programs.


Feature Film

Feature Film

PCE is engaged in the business of producing, developing and distributing quality low-budget feature films. PCE intends to develop, produce, and distribute quality main stream feature films, in addition to Urban Films in the range of 4-6 films annually with at least two major feature films to include a star studded cast and performers.

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PCE independently produces and develops original programs for both urban and mainstream media in the area of sitcoms, dramas, and variety/reality shows. These programs will be lower than the average studio cost of production which is generally 1 million per episode for sitcom and 1.5 million per episode for drama. Each TV program will include at least one star studded cast member.

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New Media

New Media

PCE stays one step above the rest in technology by incorporating a department geared towards the development of content in New Media. New Media is a term that encompasses traditional media film, music and spoken word with the interactive powers of computers and communication technology. The most common examples of new media includes: the Internet, websites, computer multimedia, computer games, streaming audio and video, DVD and CD-ROMS, virtual reality environment and digital data with the cell phone.

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Preproduction TV Projects

  1. Fixin Rides to Survive
    (Q’s Restoration and Transformations)
  2. Giving Life (Invitro Fertilization)


Film, Television, New Media Financing

Music Financing

PCE arranges the financing for the development of musical compositions as well as established music catalogs. PCE notably arranged the refinancing of the Music Catalogs of Michael Jackson, his personal MIJAC catalog including his companion interest in Sony Music.

PCE arranged two (2) loans with the Hedge Fund Fortress on behalf of Mr. Jackson the first of which was $272.5 Million Dollars to bail him out of debt with Bank of America and a second loan in the amount of $573 Million Dollars for Mr. Jackson to purchase the Sony Music interest in their joint venture in Sony/ATV which contains the Beetles and Elvis Presley catalogs, among others, which was valued at $1.6 Billion Dollars.



PCE has partnered with a small distribution company and purchases finished feature film projects and distributes them in the international foreign territories. Through this method, PCE will acquire immediate revenue returns from the foreign distributions prior to any domestic release of the film. This will return investments in the acquisition and licensing of the films much faster than in your ordinary course of returns on production and development of feature films.

PCE intends to leverage its marketing strategy to secure the most advantageous distribution commitments from major distributors obtainable. In addition, PCE may negotiate direct distribution commitments from certain major theaters, which may eliminate major distributors, there costs and expenses. That means PCE will utilize its own revenues, to the extent required, for prints and advertising for each films distribution.

Films are generally released concurrently in the U.S. and Canada and can play in theaters for months after their initial release. They are generally made available for distribution in foreign territories and ancillary markets subsequent to the domestic theatrical release and like real estate, represent long term income potential of up to thirty years. PCE intends to take advantage of all distribution medium, including theatrical release, home video sales and rentals, internet rights, various television venues, soundtracks, books, merchandise sales, video games and all other revenue sources. Based upon the explosion in the cable television network markets, cable television has become one of the most important outlets for feature films. Dozens of channels rely heavily on a rotation of new feature films to broadcast. Pay-per-view, Movies on Demand and others allow subscribers to viewer certain feature films or to view premium channels that exhibit films for a fee. Generally, television licensing arrangements involve the broadcaster paying an upfront fee to the film’s distributor.

Finally, the worldwide film industry international markets has expanded the revenue returns for American films. Major American films, and talent with an international following, typically do two or three times as much business overseas as in the domestic markets. Small films which may not find much of an audience in North America can still turn a profit on the European and Asian markets alone. Additionally, the films which may not be theatrically released will go straight to DVD or Pay TV. The amount of revenue for Pay TV has grown 5.7 percent to $45.42 million dollars from 2008 to 2009.


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Perfect Circle Entertainment (PCE), is a full service entertainment and independent production company. PCE finances, produces, develops, distributes and manages the creation of mainstream and urban feature films as well as other ancillary projects such as musical compositions and catalogs.


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